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03/28/2014    Fred R Shilling

Veriscan 3D Foot Scanner from Envisic (Robert Scott Steinberg, DPM)

I own a custom foot orthotic lab out of NY. We
distribute the Veriscan scanner and back it 100
percent to any plaster cast you can put out. Our
images are 3-D, you can load up the fifth met
just like you do on a plaster cast. In fact, with
almost 100 scanners out in the market
in the last year, I can tell you we are getting
better results with the scanner then we
are with plaster. I only have a year’s worth of
data but, I can tell you we are getting
a lower return rate then with the plaster casts
for adjustments.

Calling your fellow DPMs beige, and you get run of
the mill results. Being one of the largest mid-
sized custom orthotic manufacturing companies
around I take great offense to the fact that Dr.
Steinber holds himself high above others that are
using scanners.

In a world of managed care, where time does
matter, you need to re-evaluate your ways. This is
the 21st century. I don't believe others purchase
a scanner from us because they failed the art of
casting. I believe they want to spend more time
with their patients then sitting in a chair
waiting for plaster to dry! That's time well

If you were to have one of these scanners, I would
bet that your time would be better spent taking
care of a few more patient's, then holding a
patients foot in subtalar neutral for about 15-20
minutes wasting time.

Get with the program, stop wasting time telling
everyone else what to do with their time, while
you're holding a plaster slipper cast professing
that there is no better way. It’s just not true.

Fred R Shilling, VP, Ortho-Rite, Inc.

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