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Query: Accepting Medicare Assignment


I have resisted accepting assignment with Medicare patients for 32 years BUT the competition now is much greater. Where I live there are 3 ortho foot and ankle physicians and 10 or so podiatrists. I find myself in a cash flow problem due to low patient load and am considering changing my practice to accept Medicare assignment.


I have heard points in favor of staying out like from derm and plastics as well as points in favor of accepting assignment. I thought I would get the opinion of some of my colleagues in both camps.


Tip Sullivan, DPM, Jackson, MS

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Query: Source for Refurbished Power Chairs


Does anyone know of a reputable source for refurbished power chairs?


Brian Kiel, DPM, Memphis, TN



Query: Source for Company That Buys Used Equipment


Does anyone have a recommendation of any company that would be interested in buying podiatry equipment?


Name Withheld



Query: Becoming a Certified Surgical Foot and Ankle Coder 


Where can I go to become a certified surgical foot and ankle coder?


Heidi Hirzy, CPC, Stevens Point, WI



Query: Is Proper Billing Being Taught to Students


As a podiatrist involved in teaching of residents. I find correct billing a delinquency of the podiatry school education. I am wondering if anyone knows of a reason why? I have had a strawpoll taken from many students and residents who state that their school does not offer a coding and billing course. I believe this to be a necessity in the education of a student.

I would love feedback regarding this topic.

Adam Cirlincione, DPM, Garden City Park, NY



Query: CPT Code for Arthroeresis Implant


There has been recent discussion regarding orthotics and arthroeresis on this forum. I find it absurd that podiatrists have implanted thousands of these devices yet we still don’t have a CPT specific code for this procedure and it is still not reimbursable by the majority of insurance companies. I have spoken to many colleagues around the country and have heard of all sorts of ways this procedure is being billed. Why must the profession play games to get paid for medically accepted procedures? Why don’t we have a specific code for this procedure? Shouldn’t we? What am I missing? 


Jeffrey Kass, DPM, Forest Hills, NY 



Query: Source for Proper Fitting CAM Walkers


Does anyone have a source for proper fitting cam walkers (both tall and short)?  The distal straps (the two that go over the forefoot) are always too short regardless of the manufacturers I have tried, and they barely close over the foot when it doesn't even have a bandage (e.g., for a sprain). It is difficult at best to get them to fit over even the simplest type of bandage and the Velcro barely reaches for closure. Putting one on after a surgical procedure is almost impossible without having to add tape to keep them closed. They are simply way too short.


I would also appreciate a source for pediatric-sized CAM boots as well. I have asked PM Pediatrics where they get theirs, but they outsource all of them to a company that provides the boots as needed, and it is they who bill the insurance and get reimbursed. They would not sell to me. 


Charles Morelli, DPM, Mamaroneck, NY



Query: Shopping for a Digital X-Ray Machine


I am thinking about getting a digital x-ray machine. There are many different companies for this and I've found prices that range from $15K to $32K. I've heard that a digital x-ray can be retrofitted into an old style x-ray tubehead, or you can buy a totally new machine. Does anyone have any recommendations for a quality machine that's low cost? I'm a one-doctor private practice and don't need a large device with all the best features. It would be nice if the digital x-ray would integrate with the EMR TrakNet I use.   


Robert Dale, DPM, Clarksburg, WV



Query: Source for Cantharone Plus


My staff informs me that all of our sources for purchasing Cantharone Plus have "dried up", including Dormer Labs. Does anyone have a reliable source for this wart treatment medication? Are the ingredients available to have it compounded by a pharmacy?  


Jane Graebner, DPM,  Delaware, OH



Query: Softening Solution for Calluses and Nails


For many years, patients being seen in my office for routine care were given whirlpools to soften thickened toenails, corns, and calluses. I have discontinued whirlpools over the past two years and instead use 3-WEA solution diluted in water and applied to the foot using polygauze non-woven 4 ply 4x4s. Although 3-WEA has been the long time industry standard for this foot prep, I find it isn't always providing enough softening of the skin and nails. The directions call for one gallon of water to 1/4 bottle of 3-WEA. Any mixture more concentrated leaves the foot slippery and difficult to handle. 


For those of you still doing routine care on your patients, I would be interested to hear of other skin and nail softening products you are using for this treatment. Also describe how you are applying this solution to your patients' feet. Any input would be appreciated.


Jack Ressler, DPM, Delray Beach, FL



Query: PRP and Compounded Medications


Has anyone successfully billed insurance for PRP treatments of chronic wounds? My compounding pharmacy will only provide compounded medications to patients (but not the clinic) to be used on patients. Does anyone have recommendations on where to obtain compounded medications to be used in the clinic?


Jengyu Lai, DPM, Rochester, MN



RE: Coping with Inflation

From: Richard A. Simmons, DPM


We are facing an inflation the likes of which our country has not seen in forty years. As physicians, we will feel the pinch now more than forty years ago because of the restrictions by Medicare and insurance panels. 40 years ago, physicians could charge Medicare patients their fee, regardless of the approved amount. We have no means of simply raising our fees 10% or so to adjust, yet everything we consume in our practices costs more. I do not have an answer, but I do have a simple question: what are we supposed to do?


Richard A. Simmons, DPM, Rockledge, FL



Query: American Specialty Health Adds Podiatry


Has anyone any experience with American Specialty Health which is now adding podiatry benefits? I read online they are hooked up with CIGNA Aetna, administer for chiropractors, physical therapists, and acupuncturists. I wonder if it sounds too good to be true.


Mark Ross, DPM, Yardley, PA



Query: Disposal of Old X-ray Machines


Who do most podiatrists contact to dispose old x-ray units?


Daniel Chaskin, DPM, Flushing, NY 



Query: BPC 157 Peptides


I am curious if there are any podiatrists or teaching institutions who are using injectable BPC 157 peptides. I am aware that at this point it would be completely experimental. I do know that there are some orthopedic surgeons/sports medicine specialists prescribing the oral form and they are very happy with the results, but I haven't seen any human studies yet. 


Robert Kornfeld, DPM, NY, NY



Query: Repairs for Marotti Sprin2 Podiatry Drill/Spray Equipment


Can anyone help with a source for repairs for this instrument?  


Bill Westbrook, DPM, Longview, TX



Query: Fall Risk Analysis


I'm considering bringing back a fall risk analysis. We did this years ago out of obligation to MIPS or its predecessor but quit soon after. Who is doing this and what format are you following? 


Donald Carlson, DPM, Hermiston, OR



Query: Podiatry Content Connection


Does anyone have any experience with Podiatry Content Connection for digital/website marketing? All feedback is appreciated.


Anas Khoury, DPM, Passaic, NJ



Query: Source for PDM Chair Reconditioning and Parts


I am looking to have several PDM chairs reconditioned and purchase several new or used PDM foot pedals or have a few PDM pedals repaired. Any ideas?


David Bernstein, DPM



Query: Source for Apus PXP-15HF X-Ray System White Cap


I have the Apus PXP-15HF X-ray system and unfortunately the company that sold me the podiatric unit is out of business. I need a copy of White Cap, as we do not have the original disk. Does anyone know where I can purchase a copy? 


Elliot Diamond, DPM



Query: Call Center For Practices


Does anyone know of a reliable company offering a call center for practices?


Hal Ornstein, DPM, Howell, NJ



Query: Venture Capital Groups or Companies Buying Podiatric Practices


Are there any venture capital groups or companies buying podiatric practices? I’m selling my practice and office condominium in Pennsylvania.


Name Withheld



Query: Physician Online Reviews


The multi-dimensional nature of this topic notwithstanding, I wonder if there are any parallels that can be drawn between the collective-sociological analysis of the public’s online social media commentary of our medical institutions’ exam/assessment/plan for managing the current pandemic and the individual-psychological analysis of a patient's online commentary of their doctor’s exam/assessment/plan for their particular medical condition? If so, does this mean anything in a practical context?


Robert Creighton, DPM, Tampa Bay, FL



Query: Traumeel Injection Alternative


I have successfully used Traumeel as an inflammatory injection to the posterior calcaneus for years. Unfortunately, it is no longer available. Can Sarapin be used for tendons, etc.? Does anyone have an alternative since obviously cortisone is contraindicated? 


Olga Luepschen, DPM, Sebring, FL



Query: No Cost Windows-Based Dictation System?


I have been using Dragon version 12 with my EHR for several years now. I have to upgrade my laptop and it seems that Nuance, the maker of Dragon software, is saying that the only version of their product that I can use with my EHR is Medical One, which requires a monthly fee. Does anyone recommend another Windows-based dictation system besides Dragon that does not have monthly fees?


John Scholl, DPM, Lady Lake, FL



Query: Best Review Site for Part III of National Boards


What is the best review site for practice questions regarding candidates who want to study for Part III of the national boards?


Dan Chaskin, DPM, Ridgewood, NY

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