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01/05/2022    Jack Ressler, DPM

ON Running Shoes

As podiatrists, we are always trying to recommend
the best supporting athletic shoes to our patients.
On several occasions it becomes very frustrating
treating patients only to deal with their non-
compliance due to "heavy or ugly" shoes. As an
alternative, I have been researching "ON" running
and athletic shoes quite extensively and have found
several models to provide good support while
checking the boxes of providing support and
pleasing aesthetics.

My philosophy has always been to `get patients to
purchase shoes that they will wear as opposed to
them continuing to wear their Keds and other brands
just because they feel good. Let's face it, getting
them to wear Brooks Beast or Ariel, New Balance
1540 and others is not always an easy sell. As most
of you know, ON shoes are setting the fashion world
on fire! Patient compliance is excellent and a
better choice than some of the other shoes my
patients wear. The models I have personally tried
and purchased are as follows:

Men's: Cloudswift, Cloudflyer, Cloudsurfer, Cloud
X. Women's: Cloudswift, Cloudflyer, Cloudflow,
Cloud X. There are several more models for each
gender that provide good support. The list above
are ones I am more familiar with. In Florida we
have a store called Nordstroms. I think they have
become an extensive dealer for almost all of the
styles of ON shoes. Some of the sales associates
have special training with their received products
and are very knowledgeable. Please note, I do not
represent ON shoes and have not financial
considerations. They are a very progressive company
that provide a good option for the needs of some of
our patients.

Jack Ressler, DPM, Delray Beach, FL

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