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08/26/2021    Robert D. Teitelbaum, DPM

The Disappearance of N-Acetyl Cysteine

A year and a half ago, I had a posting in PM News
about my views about our incredible immune system
that we have, which will save the lives of a vast
majority of us against this virus. And that the
government was, and in fact, has, treated this
pandemic as if it was the Spanish Flu of 100 years
ago which killed one in 34 people alive in this
world. In contrast, this pandemic, with a world
population of 7.9 billion people and an expected
4.5 million deaths will kill one in 1,755 people
alive today (statistics courtesy of Google).

Part of the assistance we can give to our immune
system is what Dr. Peter McCullough of Texas A&M
University calls the "neutraceutical mix" which I
listed then as Vitamin C, Quercetin, selenium,
zinc, Vitamin D, and N-Acetyl cysteine (NAC). The
latter is taken by the cystic fibrosis 'family'
(all the victims of the disease) as my cousin Rick
told me (he has a 32 year old daughter with CF),
According to, "NAC" has a positive
effect on the mucous plugs that are the danger in
CF patients' lungs. A couple of weeks ago, I heard
that one couldn't find NAC anywhere on Amazon.

I have searched it four times (including today)
and this is true. Lok-a-likes abound, but not the
exact compound. Others supplements, like Co Q10 are
there, but not NAC. NAC is used to replenish the
number one antioxidant in the human body--
glutathione- that is easily destroyed by stomach
acids when taken orally. So a precursor that is
resistant to those acids is N acetyl cysteine.

When I discovered this, I looked on Ebay and the
first screen that showed was exactly the brand that
I have been buying hitherto on Amazon. I was
incredibly relieved. So now, the politicization of
supplements has been attempted. With the vaccines
becoming less effective, the neutraceutical mix
will become more important for all of us,
vaccinated, or not.

Robert D. Teitelbaum, DPM, Naples, FL

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