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04/07/2021    Kevin A. Kirby, DPM

The Passing of Ronald Valmassy, DPM

It is with great sadness to inform you that one of
the legends of Podiatric Biomechanics, Dr. Ronald
L. Valmassy, has passed after a two-year battle
with cancer. Ron is survived by his lovely wife,
Helen, his son, Paul and his granddaughter Maggie.
Ron left this world peacefully on Wednesday, March
31, 2021.

Dr. Valmassy was the most patient, caring, and
enjoyable professor that we ever had CCPM. Ron was
not only my favorite Professor of Biomechanics at
the California College of Podiatric Medicine
(CCPM), but was also the Chairman of the Department
of Biomechanics from 1974 to 1987. During that
time, Dr. Valmassy taught thousands of podiatry
students, residents and podiatrists on podiatric
biomechanics not only at CCPM, but also nationally
and internationally. He was also a worldwide
authority on podopediatrics. Dr. Valmassy's classic
biomechanics textbook "Clinical Biomechanics of the
Foot and Lower Extremity" is still considered one
of the finest textbooks on podiatric biomechanics
ever published.

As Chairman, Dr. Valmassy was my supervisor during
my year of Biomechanics Fellowship from 1984-1985.
He became my mentor with his calm manner,
professionalism, keen intellect and caring
personality. There was simply no one else like Ron
Valmassy and I will never forget all he did for me
during my Biomechanics Fellowship to make my
sometimes difficult journey through that year the
most rewarding educational experience I have ever

Dr. Valmassy will be sorely missed by the many
students and residents that looked up to him during
their years of training while in podiatry school at
CCPM. He was always willing to give helpful advice
during our years as podiatry students. In addition,
even though being extremely busy, he seemed to
always find the time to answer questions from us as
students and give us unending support during our
journeys toward becoming podiatric physicians.

Dr. Ron Valmassy was my professor, colleague, and
friend. He was, and still is, my ideal podiatric
role model.

Rest in peace, Ron.

Kevin A. Kirby, DPM

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04/09/2021    Russell G. Volpe, DPM

The Passing of Ronald Valmassy, DPM

It is with great sadness that I acknowledge the
passing of Ron Valmassay, DPM.

Ron was a leader in biomechanics and podopediatrics
education, and patient care, throughout his career
and he was the WestCoast role model for me
throughout my early years training to subspecialize
and teach in podopediatrics. Here on the East
Coast, I was fortunate to have teachers and mentors
in biomechanics and, especially, podopediatrics
including, Herman Tax, Joe Wernick, Joe D’Amico,
Mark Caselli, and Paul Jordan.

It was Ron who played that same pivotal role at
CCPM during those years, and beyond, for so many in
our profession on the west coast. He was teacher
and mentor to countless students, residents and
colleagues and he helped immeasurably to grow
podopediatrics into a robust, and respected,
podiatric subspecialty,

In the ensuing years, Ron was always incredibly
generous with advice and answers whenever I called
on him. He was also a marvelous resource in San
Francisco when patients and colleagues would ask me
for a referral for expert podopediatric care in the
Bay area. It was always a great honor whenever I
got the chance to lecture with him on
podopediatrics at a conference and got to spend
some time with him in person, where his kindness
and generosity were always evident.

I would also like to mention his lasting
contribution to biomechanics understanding and
education with the textbook he edited and wrote
for, Clinical Biomechanics of the Lower Extremity.
I was honored to be included among the authors in
that text, having been invited by Joe Wernick,
still early in my career, to co-author the lead
normal mechanics of the foot chapter with him. It
remains one of my proudest professional
accomplishments and Ron’s leadership, wisdom and
contributions made that text into what it is and
continues to be.

Our profession and the subspecialty of
podopediatrics has lost one of its true giants and
he will be deeply missed. My deepest condolences go
out to his wife Helen, son Paul and his
granddaughter, Maggie,

Russell G. Volpe, DPM

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