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01/20/2021    Michael J Marcus, DPM

Will your practice require staff to receive the COVID-19 vaccination?

After 40 plus years of practicing our chosen
profession. A year ago, we dealt with the
uncertainty of this virus. Some thought it would
be no different than the common flu, others
considered it more potentially problematic. Now a
year later over 300,000 lives have been lost in
the U.S. as a result of this virus. In my area of
the country-LA- 95% of our inpatients are covid
positive. Everyday, I hear about a dealt from
Covid. Our ICUs are flooded. Three or four
patients seem to code very day.

The development of this mrna vaccine is nothing
short of a miracle. Many hospitals are making it
mandatory for new employees. Our survey is very
discouraging to me. I could think of no reason
not to be vaccinated. I can’t think of any reason
not have all my employees vaccinated.
Furthermore, we need to be responsible and
educate the public- all of our patients of the
need to get vaccinated. And of course reiterate
the need for proper masking. The more confident
we are in this discussion the greater likelihood
that will positively affect our population.

We also need to continue with CDC guidelines
concerning distancing in out office. I recently
had a discussion with another member of our
profession who told me he was doing business like
normal. I asked him about his waiting room- and
he replied by saying it was just like normal.
This saddened me as well. I then began my lecture
that he hardly responded to. This is a pandemic!
Let us all - encourage vaccinations. I believe we
are incumbent to do so. I strongly encourage all
of us to get vaccinated, have your employees
vaccinated as well as our patients.

Furthermore, we should use this site to discuss
serious issues concerning treatment for covid
positive patients. Many of our fragile diabetics
have postponed care, resulting in further
complications. These infections will require
debridments and amputations. I think this a great
platform to discuss the myriad of thoughts and
decisions that we need to consider in treatment
of these positive COVID-19 patients.

Michael J Marcus, DPM, Montebello, CA

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