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09/07/2020     Steven R Kravitz, DPM

State Board Limitations (Elliot Udell, DPM)

There's no doubt that the virtual Zoom-type
meetings have replaced relatively well the
previous live presentations that were standard
prior to the COVID-19. Going forward it's my
suspicion, as a meeting planner as well as a
lecturer, that some form of virtual continuing
education will continue after the COVID 19
crisis. There are definite advantages to these
venues as pointed out in the article by Dr.

However I also strongly suspect that live
conferences will return. There's a difference
when watching a theatrical performance that's
recorded live even when replayed on the best
home entertainment systems. They are enjoyable,
have impact, and “almost’ make you feel like
you have a seat with the audience. But the
operative word here is "almost".

I'm in contact with many speakers throughout
the week and almost without exception all look
forward to the day when they are able to have
the opportunity to get back to a live audience.
Delivering live lectures no doubt has an aspect
that supersedes the virtual electronic

Most often seasoned speakers are successful in
delivering information intended and the
audience applauds when lectures end. But there
are those unusual presentations that click, the
audience is in the hands of the presenter.
These presentations are rare and there are
exceptional speakers that deliver these on a
more regular basis.

All this said, there is no doubt in my mind
that live presentations will return as a
mainstay of continuing medical education. The
hands-on experience that can be delivered in
labs and interconnection between faculty and
attendee face-to-face, over the bar, during the
receptions, and during the lecture
presentations is something we all miss and look
forward to getting back to.

Steven R Kravitz, DPM, Winston-Salem, NC

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