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Query: Source for Pre-Fabricated Gauntlet AFO


Does anyone have a suggestion for a pre-fabricated gauntlet AFO (like a non-custom Arizona-type brace) for a CMT-type foot? It's for a cash-pay patient who cannot afford a custom made brace.


Shashank Srivastava, DPM, Rockville, MD

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Query: Recommendations for Ultrasound Machines


I am considering the purchase of an ultrasound machine for office use. There are many to choose from, (brands, new, used), and I am looking for thoughts and advice from those who have been using ultrasound in the office. Also, I was looking at the Butterfly iQ device that will work with a smartphone. 


Donald Carlson, DPM, Hermiston, OR



Query: Point of Sale Systems


We are a low volume office looking for a cost-effective POS system. I am interested to know what is used by my colleagues. Clover, Merchant Services, Square have been suggested. What is the best option?


Dieter J Fellner, DPM, Yuma, AZ 



Query: IMS Computer Systems Template


I use a computer program named IMS. The company seems hesitant to provide names of other practitioners who use the same program. Does anyone have podiatric templates for this system?


Phillip Culliton, DPM, Buffalo, NY



Query: Source for Wharton’s Jelly?


Does anyone use Wharton’s Jelly for a DFU? If so, where do you find it?


Tom Lyman, DPM, Winfield, KS



Query: Source for Office MIS Power Equipment


My old Storz Ergo died. I need to use my Shannon44 burrs. Any help or recommendations for a manufacturer that will drive a Shannon for an office MIS would be appreciated. A reciprocating saw would be great, but I can do almost everything with my Shannon. 


Jim Fisher, DPM, Eureka, CA



Query: Neurogenx at Home


I fit diabetic shoes in the office for those who qualify. I have been approached by Neurogenx at Home, a division of Crownquest. They will send a tech to the office to do the fitting, sizing, impressions, and so on. They will do the billing. I make no commission or “kick-back”. So, everything looks to be up-and-up and legal. My patient wouldn’t have to travel, and they would get what I prescribe and I wouldn’t need to worry about Medicare or Medicare Advantage. I am unable to find much about the company online. Does anyone have any experience with this company?


David E Gurvis, DPM, Avon, IN



Query: Dealing with Patients Who are Rude to Staff


My office manager told me one of our patients was very rude. Is there a way I can speak to a patient who seemed to be rude to my office staff. This happens very rarely but has any of my other colleagues experienced this?


Jeffrey Klirsfeld, DPM, Levittown, NY



Query: Certification Process for Ultrasound Privileges?


Insurance companies will pay non-radiologist specialists, i.e. gynecologists, urologists, orthopedists, and physiatrists for diagnostic ultrasound  and ultrasound-guided injections but not podiatrists as we are "not privileged  for this service". Is there a certification process for ultrasound privileges?


John Moglia, DPM, Berkeley Hts, NJ



Query: Correcting a Bad Google Review


I am trying to get a better online presence for my practice. I have put some more details on my Google listing with pictures and other things. But, I have one bad review about me on Google. That is the one and only review. I think the review is unfair and I know which patient did it, but I'm not sure if or how I can respond to it due to HIPAA limitations. I have seen articles about this in Podiatry Management before, but can't find them.


I have thought about asking patients to give me reviews on Google to counteract the bad review. There's a website link I could give patients to give this review, but my office manager thinks that's tacky and not right to ask. I think I could just have a little box at my front desk with a piece of paper with that link and not verbally ask patients to do anything about it. I am wondering what other doctors do about this.



Query: Source for Dental-Type Sani-Grinder


Does anyone know who manufactures a Sani-Grinder? I’m looking for one that does not have a vacuum attached but dispenses a fine water spray similar to those used by dentists. I recall a vendor in NY but he moved to FL and I believe he still has sales. I would appreciate any assistance available.


Chuck Ross, DPM, Pittsfield, MA 



Query: Source for Billing/Coding Classes


Do you have any recommendations on podiatry billing/coding classes?


Jacqueline Goldman, Hollywood, FL



Query: Light Orthotics


I am looking at a system from Powerstep called "Light Orthotics" that uses a machine and a proprietary flexible shell that Powerstep manufactures. The result is a custom orthotic molded directly to the patient's foot. I do not think this device is as good as a lab-fabricated orthotic, but it does seem to be a quality device that would help patients with some biomechanical abnormalities. Does anyone use this system? If so, what are your thoughts? 


Jack Ressler, DPM, Delray Beach, FL



Query: Source for X-ray Developing Solutions?


Is there a shortage of x-ray developing solutions? I tried Henry Schein and McKesson. Neither has any in stock.


Steve Abraham, DPM, NY, NY



Query: Source for Nice Instrument Tray


I am looking for something nice to replace the usual podiatry instrument tray that we keep in our rooms. I prefer something in all stainless steel, or something that looks aesthetically pleasing. It seems our only choices are these generic trays that have been around for a long time. 


Standard Instrument Tray


Does anybody know a place a nicer tray can be bought?


David Weiss, DPM, Richmond, VA



Query: Residency Matching


As an "old-timer", I am curious as to the process of "matching" residencies. What is the process and how are the students matched with the available residencies. How are redundancies handled? I'm just curious and I'm sure a lot of us "older folks" are interested as well.


Joel Lang , DPM (retired), Cheverly, MD



Query: Comprehensive Wound Care Texts


Can anyone recommend one or two comprehensive books on wound care?


Michael Z. Metzger, DPM, Houston, TX



Query: National Precious Metals 


Has anyone dealt with National Precious Metals? If so, what has been your experience? They buy x-rays for their silver content.


Carl Solomon, DPM, Dallas, TX



Query: Transverse Plane Hammertoe Correction


A patient presented with progressive worsening bilateral hammertoes over the last year without trauma. Her pain is mostly isolated to the PIP joints of the affected toes from shoe pressure and rubbing between the overlapping 3rd/4th toes. I tested her for RA which was negative. She has a significant (+) Lachman's test at the bilateral 2nd/3rd MTP joints and mild claw toe deformities with major abduction (up to 35 degrees) of the affected toes. 


Transverse Plane Hammertoes


She would like to pursue surgical correction of this. In the past, I have found correcting transverse lesser toe deformities like this very challenging with a high rate of recurrence. I am hesitant to fuse a lesser MPJ. Any surgical pearls? Also, any theories why this type of deformity occurs?



Query: Source for Phenol?


Is anyone else having trouble obtaining phenol? If you have a reliable source (even if it's in crystal form rather than liquid), please share it. 


Jane E. Graebner, DPM, Delaware, OH



Query: State Board Limitations for Online CME Credits


Why don't all 50 State Boards allow 100% virtual CMEs for the next licensing renewal period, since virtually all CMEs are now virtual? 


George Jacobson, DPM, Hollywood, FL



Query: Source for Sodium Hydroxide


Does anyone know where to buy 10% sodium hydroxide?


Ian Klein, DPM, St. Petersburg, FL



Query: Top Peer-Reviewed Journals for Podiatric Articles/Studies


Which are the top peer- reviewed journals for podiatric articles/studies?


Arnold Ross, DPM, Los Angeles, CA



From: Jeffrey Kass, DPM


Here are some comments regarding this recent discussion: 

1) Dr. Mendicino respectfully questioned as to why people just don’t take both boards. It’s a valid question. One answer is that not everyone is allowed to sit for the exams. Why should there be a moratorium on these boards? If someone wants to sit for the exam - why not let them? What are we afraid of? They might pass it? 

2) PM News printed a joint statement with the posters' preface there was “unproductive discourse”. I feel the opinions of the profession and variety of thoughts are highly productive to the advancement of the profession. 

3) I’d like to congratulate both Drs. Lombardi and Markinson for their joint statement. It was refreshing to read. I hope the comments written by these two individuals are what most in the profession believe to be fair. 

4) Lastly, I was a little surprised not to read any posts from competing boards. They blew a golden opportunity to share their thoughts on the merits of their boards. 


Jeffrey Kass, DPM, Forest Hills, NY



Query: MLS M6 Robotic Laser


I currently use the K-Laser Platinum 4 with good results. I am looking to streamline the process and have looked into the MLS M6 Robotic laser from Cutting Edge Lasers for its unattended feature. Can anyone who has used the MLS M6 provide their experience with it? Especially helpful would be experience going from another laser to the M6 for comparison. 


Anas Khoury, DPM, Passaic NJ



Query: Hospital Credentialing and Dental Board Certification


What do dentists and oral surgeons need to qualify for hospital credentialing and dental board certification considering their limited license is similar to our own circumstances?


John Moglia, DPM, Berkeley Hts., NJ

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