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08/31/2020    Alan Sherman, DPM

State Board Limitations for Online CME Credits (George Jacobson, DPM)

Alan Sherman, DPM

There is no question that live conferences are
going to be very hard to find for the rest of
2020 and most likely, before next summer, and
that most if not all CME will have to be done
online. All podiatrists should lobby their
state boards and associations to allow all
their CME to be earned online sooner rather
than later. We at PRESENT just ran an
experimental scaled down “safe meeting” in NJ,
this year’s Superbones Superwounds East 2020,
and though it was attended by 85 (down from 400
in 2019) and almost all attendees told us on
the exit survey that they felt safe and would
attend another such meeting if we ran one.

But we’ve decided to run all our fall meetings,
the ResEdSummit, Superbones West and Desert
Foot as live streaming events. Why? Because
with everyone required to wear a mask and
observe safe distancing, it just didn’t have
the collegiality and informal learning that we
all find so pleasant and satisfying at our
traditional live meetings. It lacked fun. And
at that scaled down size, it is not
economically viable for the conference

We have worked hard to find the best virtual
conference software with abundant zoom-like
video chatting and a variety of presentation
formats, and believe that we’ll be able to
provide a better experience for attendees,
faculty and exhibitors online than our live
“experiment” provided. Plus there will be no
travel cost, no hotel, and ultimate safety for
all. We look forward to running our next live
conference, but please do check out our live
streaming events this Fall.

Alan Sherman, DPM, CEO, PRESENT e-Learning

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