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Query: Midmark Autoclave Repair


Has anyone used a repair service to fix a Midmark m9 autoclave? Any references would be appreciated.


Eliezer Eisenberger, DPM, NY, NY

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Query: Source for Reasonably-Priced Dexamethasone


Does anyone know where to purchase reasonably-priced dexamethasone injectables. Prices have shot through the roof and most retailers are out of stock.


Barrett E Sachs, DPM, Plantation, FL




Dr. Rettig, Obviously I (like I’d guess most doctors) am not thrilled with having to pay over $800 to re-register, especially my now being in only part-time practice. But over the years, aren’t you asked at times, by the pharmacists and your patients, why you can’t write for something stronger post-surgery or trauma, etc., as probably 99.9% of other doctors do, even for a short period of time? And when questioned, what’s your answer? 


Arthur Gudeon, DPM, Rego Park, NY



Query: Fungus Clear


I recently saw a YouTube video about a product called Fungus Clear. Has anyone else heard of this or have experience with it? In addition to claiming it's anti-fungal, they also interestingly claim it also helps resolve calluses.  


Bruce Pinker, DPM, Pomona, NY



Query: Military Association of Chiropodists and Podiatrists


Can any PM News reader shed any light on this association?


Military Association of Chiropodists and Podiatrists


The certificate belonged to my father and hangs framed along with his diploma from the MJ Lewi College of Podiatric Medicine next to my desk.


Lori Weisenfeld, DPM, NY, NY



Query: COVID-19 and Office Policy


What policies or protocols do my fellow private practitioners have in place in case staff members or their family members have respiratory illnesses? Are you mandating time off, even if the staff member is asymptomatic? Are you reporting illness to patients who have been seen in the office 2 weeks prior?


Todd Lamster, DPM, Scottsdale, AZ



Query: Recommendation for Sending and Receiving Faxes via the Internet


I would like to switch to a computer program to send and receive faxes. I would like a recommendation for the most inexpensive service.


Larry Schuster, DPM, Parsippany, NJ


Editor’s comment: PM News does not endorse any product or service. You may want to look into Prices run for $10 a month and the service allows you to keep your existing fax number. 



Query: Source for Sclerosing Alcohol


Has anybody found a better source of sclerosing alcohol since the price went through the roof? 


Paul Jones, DPM, Portland, OR


I have been having a problem finding 98% dehydrated alcohol to dilute to a 4% alcohol for nerve sclerotherapy. I was wondering if anyone has used or knows of an alternative?


Anthony R. Hoffman, DPM, Oakland, CA


Has anyone heard that the company that made dehydrated/sterile alcohol has been bought out and the cost is now $600? Is there another option for purchase?


Jay Kerner, DPM, Rockville Centre, NY



Query: Orthotist/Prosthetist Employment


I have been approached by an orthotist/prosthetist with an excellent 30-year reputation dedicated to lower extremity bracing and prosthetics in the community. I am wondering who of my colleagues has employed an orthotist and what type of salary/incentive has worked well. In addition, what other synergies have occurred for you other than the obvious?


Benjamin Marble, DPM, Pueblo, CO



Query: Hypochlorous Acid as an Office Disinfection


I went to my dentist yesterday and was introduced to the use of hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid can be made onsite by combining non-iodinated salt, water, and electrolysis. She was using it with a handheld fogger to disinfect her room/office. It is a very safe product and apparently very effective. In researching this solution, I came across the following article that also states it can be highly effective in chronic wound care.  


Two questions: Is anyone using this combination of hypochlorous acid and fogger in their offices, and is anyone using it for wound care?  


Craig Herman, DPM. Jamaica, NY



Query: Having Medical Students Shadow you in the Age of COVID-19

From: Elliot Udell, DPM


From time to time, I have had medical students visit my office to shadow me for a period of time. In some cases, they got credit from their respective schools for shadowing me. Just today, a student who is considering going into podiatry school called and asked if he could spend a week or two with me at my office. I would love to encourage a student to go into our profession but is this allowed in light of social distancing? Has anyone dealt with this problem in light of the pandemic?


Elliot Udell, DPM, Hicksville, NY



Query: Supplemental Oxygen in the Office


Is anyone using or supplying supplemental oxygen for themselves or for their patients in the office? I have noticed my personal pulsioximeter readings are dropping in the low 90s while I am wearing a regular mask. It seems to be much worse in the afternoons than mornings. I am 64, so my age may exacerbate this. Is anyone else experiencing this?


Richard A. Simmons, DPM, Rockledge, FL



Query: Recommendations for Air Purifier


Is anyone using an air purifier in their exam rooms? If so, how do they like it and what brand are you using?


James Lucarelli, DPM, New Bedford, MA



Query: Value of MIPS


Can anyone share with the readership if the information provided by MIPS has led to anything of value? 


Jeffrey Kass, DPM Forest Hills, NY



Query: Grinding Nails During the COVID-19 Pandemic


How do podiatrists feel about grinding nails during this COVID-19 crisis? I see a fair amount of routine foot care patients who require some grinding post-debridement.  I am concerned about creating aerosols.


Kenneth Jacoby, DPM, Elgin, IL



Query: Student Loan Forgiveness Programs?


I am a podiatrist burdened with high student loan debt and would like to know if there are any loan forgiveness programs that have been initiated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I have been practicing in a rural medically underserved community for over 20 years and am interested in any loan forgiveness programs available. 


Danny Almaguer, DPM, Eagle Pass, TX



Query: Swift Microwave for Plantar Warts


Are PM News readers satisfied with the purchase or lease of the Swift microwave for plantar warts? Is it working better and with less pain than other modalities? Has the device been simple to use? How many applications does it generally require to see results?


David E Gurvis, DPM, Avon, IN



Query: Resource for Patient Videos


Does anyone know of a  company that sets up a TV in the waiting room with podiatric info that patients watch while waiting? For example, videos that discuss different foot/ankle related issues.


Jill Hagen, DPM, Englewood, NJ



Query: Changes in ACLFs?


I've been going to two acute care living facilities (ACLFs) in south Florida to provide podiatric care. I have an actual office location in the facilities where patients come for their appointments. I have contracts with the facilities and pay a fair market value for rent each month. Does anyone know if there will be changes down the road in this type of facility moving forward since the COVID-19 virus? The two facilities I go to are presently on lock down, not allowing outside physicians for non-emergency visits. 


Jack Ressler, DPM, Delray Beach, FL



Query: Forgiving Podiatric Student Debt


Is the APMA working to have podiatrists included in any bill that may be passed to forgive student loan debt? This is critical now, especially since everyone including CNN is talking about "COVID Toes". I just would hate to see podiatry left out again. The AMA is actively lobbying for the MDs. What can we as podiatrists do?


Regina Flippin, DPM, Milwaukee, WI



Query: Source for Sodium Hydroxide?


My suppliers are back ordered for months now. Any suggestions on where to obtain it?


Gary Friedlander, DPM, Phoenix, AZ



Query: CMS Accelerated Payments


Can someone explain how the CMS accelerated payments works?


Stanley Luksenburg, DPM, Cleveland, OH 



Source for CBD Oil?


I have had some success in using CBD oil on some of my neuropathic patients. Is there a source where we can purchase products to be sold in our office that is reputable? 


Carol Moore, DPM, Orland Park, IL 



Query: Reasons for Leaving Podiatry


This is a question for those who left or are in the process of leaving podiatry more than those who have retired from practice. Was it due to burn-out, disillusionment with podiatry or medicine as a whole, a mid-life crisis, or something else? What field or career did you transition into? Did you give your patients a 90-day notice or did you slowly transition from one career to another. Finally, are you happy you did it both financially and physically/mentally or do you miss practice?


James Lucarelli, DPM, New Bedford, MA



Query: Source for Dehydrated Alcohol


Does anyone know where I can purchase dehydrated alcohol? I contacted McKesson and they have a 10-pack for a mere $2,000.


Cary Golub, DPM, Long Beach, NY 



Query: Fluoroscan Repair


Does anybody know of a fluoroscan repair person in the New York, New Jersey area?


Hal Abrahams, DPM, White Plains, NY

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