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03/13/2020    Robert Kornfeld, DPM

Reasons for Leaving Podiatry (James Lucarelli, DPM)

I graduated NYCPM in 1980 and I am still
practicing. I’m responding to this thread just to
offer another perspective. The evolution of
podiatry during my years in practice, and IMO,
has taken away our practice freedom and has
forced us to constantly scramble for legitimate
income. Between insurance companies not wanting
to pay a fair and reasonable fee, to malpractice,
to patients ripping us off, not to mention the
ongoing parity issue, podiatry is no longer what
I would consider an attractive profession. Around
25 years ago, I saw what was coming and it came.
I hated it. I wanted out of the craziness. But I
had been focused in the field of holistic
medicine and really was loving the doctoring part
of my practice.

So I concentrated my efforts and training and
built a niche practice in holistic/functional
medicine. Then I quit Medicare and all insurance
participation and switched to an all cash
practice. Back came my practice freedom, my
accounts receivable is always $0, parity is
meaningless because I set my own fees and my
volume is low - I work smart, not hard. My years
practicing this way have been stress-free and
wonderful. The other thing I did was to focus on
another passion outside podiatry. For me, it is
music. I’ve been writing songs for years and
playing in bands. I’m now in an amazing blues
band and that adds enormous joy to my life.

So you can leave podiatry and I wouldn’t blame
you (I would applaud you). Or you can change your
practice style by developing a strong niche and
go cash. And keeping your passions alive and
strong in your life can only grow your joy and

Robert Kornfeld, DPM, NY, NY

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