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02/11/2020    Mark E Weaver, DPM

Safety Net for Podiatrists in Crisis

I feel PM News is the most important podiatry
blog. There is, however, a vacuum in the area
of podiatry camaraderie. There are personal,
natural, and man-made disasters in the country
every month. California fires, Puerto Rican
earthquakes, Floridian hurricanes, Mid-western
floods, and major boating and auto accidents. I
know that I had local podiatrists who would
come to my aid in a personal crisis, But, in a
local or statewide crises as noted above there
is strain on all the local professionals in
their own practices. Do we have, or do we need
a system to provide assistance for our
colleagues that have had unfortunate

I have recently retired, but I feel I Still
have reasonable skills and time that is not
unlimited but more available for several years
to come to help in cases of emergency. And, for
example, several years ago a podiatrist across
the state that I do not know well had a boating
accident. Maybe his practice didn't need help,
but would it not be nice to have had a system
that we could help each other in the case that
he did? I did not hear of the situation until
it was no longer an emergency in need of my
help. I had a day a weeks for a month that I
could have given. How many of us give a day a
month for charitable treatment anyhow? Would
this not be useful to help our friends and

Do we have a system to accomplish this? I am
just unaware of it? If so, many others are too!
I believe a podiatry blog is the perfect place
for this if it does not exist. APMA, and in
my, case FPMA surely have not been informative
to me in this area.

Mark E Weaver, DPM, North Fort Myers, FL

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