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12/02/2019    Robert Kornfeld, DPM

‘CBD has the Potential to Harm You.’ FDA Issues New Warning

I’m sorry and disappointed to see this kind of
biased reporting on this site. CBD has been
legalized in all 50 states for use in adult
humans and pets (not children other than for
seizures). There is far from a paucity of
literature about its safety and efficacy. It has
been well studied for years and there are still
ongoing studies. Yes, there are unscrupulous
companies out there. Selling to pregnant women
is unethical since there are no teratogenicity
studies. Putting it in food is a direct
violation of FDA guidelines. It doesn’t belong
in food no more than Ibuprofen belongs in food.
Claims for its effects in advertising and on
labels will always be an issue with the FDA
since they don’t allow claims to be made for any
natural substance. Putting in chemical additives
is another issue. I’m all for removing companies
like this from the market.

However, this FDA release smacks of BIG PHARMA.
There are NO studies to show it can do harm when
properly prescribed, is formulated with no
chemicals and chemical preservatives and is
properly titrated when there are other drugs
being taken that are metabolized by Cytochrome
P450. There is no question that since CBD oil is
fat soluble, overdosing on it can cause
“potential” harm to the liver. Yet that has not
been observed to date. Podiatrists prescribe
lots of liver toxic nsaids everyday and I don’t
see warnings on this site. It’s just scare
tactics to keep the public taking drugs. Drugs
that come with l o n g lists of potential side
effects and drug interactions. Drugs that kill
hundreds of thousands of Americans each year
WHEN PROPERLY PRESCRIBED. Yet, because it’s all
“FDA APPROVED”, we have a haughty disrespect for
their negative effects on the human body.

Any product, whether drug, herb or nutritional
supplement needs to be prescribed with
knowledge, consciousness and compassion for our
patients. Don’t fall prey to thinking the FDA is
beyond reproach. They have APPROVED many drugs
over the years that have killed people and were
taken off the market. Many others, like nsaids,
have killed thousands and thousands of patients,
yet remain on the market.

If I were BIG PHARMA, I’d be shaking in my boots
too. The movement to promote optimal health
through sound diet and lifestyle decreases the
number of prescriptions being written. The more
products we find in nature that assist the body
in achieving better health, then less
prescriptions will be written. They are in
business because most Americans do not pay
attention to their diet and lifestyle. They are
in business because we have sat by while big
business has polluted our food, air and water.
They have a vested interest in keeping you sick,
in keeping you taking their drugs. That’s why
they are so rich and powerful.

I’m not posting this to convince DPMs to
prescribe CBD. I am more concerned with the
dissemination of biased information that creates
an air of danger to a product that is safer than
every single prescription you write on a daily
basis. That is just plain wrong. So many of my
patients have been helped by CBD. We have gotten
many patients off toxic and addictive drugs.
Their health has improved and they are happy and

I’m speaking directly to the few of you out
there who already prescribe it or are thinking
about prescribing it. Do your own due diligence.
There have been so many FDA warnings about
Vit D, Vit E, Vit C, etc as potentially toxic.
It’s all calculated information to dissuade the
public and physicians from abandoning drugs.

Honestly, if I made you eat 30 organic apples in
one day, I’m sure we can report all the negative
effects of apples. Does that mean no one should
eat apples? Please keep things in perspective.
Don’t fall prey to baseless warnings. The FDA
report should have been about unscrupulous
companies. But they used that as an excuse to
plant a seed of fear about CBD.

Robert Kornfeld, DPM, NY, NY

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