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Query: Source for CBD Oil


I am looking for a reliable source to purchase topical CBD oil for patient use. It must be manufactured in the United States, not China. Besides providing a source, I would greatly appreciate some input as to the cost.


Jack Ressler, DPM, Delray Beach, FL

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Query: My Feet are Killing Me Cable Series


In our office, we have watched the new cable TV show called My Feet are Killing Me. It highlights podiatry. How is it being received by our profession? 


Thomas DeBenedictis, DPM, Union City, NJ



Query: Mandatory e-Prescribing in Florida


As of 1/1/20 a new mandatory e-prescribing law became effective here in Florida. Since I am near retirement and don't have EMR, what is the simplistic and cheapest way to transmit prescriptions?


Name Withheld



Query: Cost-Effective Option for Sclerosing Injections?


I have had good success using dehydrated alcohol for sclerosing injections of intermetatarsal neuromas utilizing the technique described by Dr. Dockery. Unfortunately, dehydrated alcohol is only available in a case of 10 5 mL bottles at a cost exceeding $1,500. A single 5 mL bottle is likely to outlast its expiration date. Does anyone have a cost-effective solution for this problem?


Brad Toll, DPM, Crofton, MD



Query: Source for Radiesse


In the past, I recall Dr. Ribotsky mentioning that, as podiatrists, we are able to purchase Radiesse from Merz directly. I attempted to do so this week, but was informed that it may only be purchased by an MD. Are there any other dermal filler options that are available for purchase by podiatrists?


Jay Seidel, DPM, Deerfield Beach, FL



Query: Recommendation for Practice Broker


I'm nearing retirement and looking to sell my practice. Can someone recommend a good practice broker?


Name Withheld



Query: Source for Podiatry Knowledgeable Financial Advisor


I am looking for a recommendation for a financial advisor who knows something about the practice of podiatry and has some experience providing their service to podiatrists. There are no financial advisors that live locally in Mississippi who have significant experience in our field. I was wondering if others who live in more rural underserved areas have had any difficulty getting sound financial advice and review of their practice? Are you using a general financial advisor/planner or ones specializing in medicine, or even better specializing in podiatry?


Tip Sullivan, DPM, Jackson, MS



Query: Asking About Gender


What choices do podiatrists have on their patient input forms regarding gender? I just wondered what podiatrists are asking their patients these days when it comes to that issue.


W. David Herbert DPM, JD, Billings, MT



Query: Source for Diabetic Shoe Company


What diabetic shoe companies are others using that have both good products and good service? 


David Gurvis, DPM, Avon, IN



Query: ANS and Sudomotor Testing


I send many patients for vascular as well as neuro testing. There is a diagnostic machine available for purchase that allows practitioners to do the testing in our office. One of the machines I have found is called VitalScan which includes autonomic nervous system testing, vascular testing, and sudomotor reflex testing. Does anyone have any experience with these types of machines? Does anyone know if Medicare/commercial insurance allows reimbursement to podiatry for these types of diagnostic tests? 


Carol Moore, DPM, Orland Park, IL



Query: Recommendations for Collection Agency


Does anyone have a recommendation for a collection agency?


John Scholl, DPM, Lady Lake, FL



Query: Recommendations for Virtual Scribes


I am looking to hire a virtual scribe and wanted to know if anyone has any recommendations for companies that they have used. It's a bonus if the company that they use also has experience with Practice Fusion. 


Eli Fialkoff, DPM, Fort Lauderdale, FL



Query: Apus PXP-15HF X-Ray Unit


I have an Apus PXP-15HF x-ray unit that I purchased about 8 years ago. Unfortunately, the company that sold us the unit is out of business and the x-ray images are diminishing. Does anyone know of a company that services this unit or does anyone have this unit with whom I can converse with for possible help tips?


Elliot Diamond, DPM, Philadelphia, PA



Query: Meperidine Shortage


I have used many different post-operative pain meds over the years for short-term, post-op pain, but I seem to always gravitate back to good old parenteral Demerol. It has a wide dosing window and is quite sedative. It seems like in my area of the country, we are having a shortage and pharmacies are calling and telling me they can’t get it. Is anyone across the nation having the same problem?


Tip Sullivan, DPM, Jackson, MS



Query: Med Resource Power Table 


Has anyone ever used a company in Florida called Med Resource for a power table? They sell a Med Resource 646 power table and I am unable to find a review of them or their products. 


Brian Kiel, DPM, Memphis, TN



Query: Recommendation for Air Purifer


Can someone recommend a good air purifier for our treatment rooms that help keep any residual nail dust from being inhaled and keep the air cleaner and fresher?


Shashank Srivastava, DPM, Rockville, MD 



Query: Source for Koven Hadeco SmartDop 20 Manual


I chanced upon a Koven Hadeco SmartDop 20, in excellent condition, for minimal investment. I would like to be able to use this at a satellite clinic but do not have the operations manual. Of course, the company no longer supports the device, nor has any manual (or so they say). Does anyone know where I could find one?


Conway McLean, DPM, Marquette, MI



Query: Making Appointments When the Office is Closed


Can anyone recommend a good service or a good idea for making appointments when staff isn’t present? 


Gary Hoberman, DPM, Chicago, IL



Query: Easy and Simple EMR System


I need to get a new EMR system and I want it to be simple and easy. Any recommendations from any podiatrists?


Jill Hagen, DPM, Engelwood, NJ



Query: General Solo Practice Overhead


I’m writing to see if there is any current information published discussing average solo podiatry practice overhead that is stratified and broken down into categories such as DME, etc.? 


Mark Gerig, DPM, Amarillo, TX


Editor's comment:  You can obtain a wealth of information on expenses by reading PM's current Practice Management Survey. While it doesn't break down expenses by type of practice, the overall survey indicates that the overhead in a solo practice will be greater than in a group practice. 




Query: Program to Track Lab Specimens


Can anyone recommend a good program to track laboratory and biopsy specimens.


Chris Ferguson, DPM, NY, NY



Query: Source for Televere Digital X-ray System Battery for Cassette


Does anybody know where we can purchase (at a reasonable price) a replacement battery for the x-ray cassette for a Televere digital x-ray system to make it remote? 


Vincent Marino, DPM, San Francisco, CA 



Query: Disposal of Human Bones


I am in possession of actual human bones, including the whole lower extremity that we were required to purchase for anatomy class in the late 70s at ICPM. We will soon be downsizing our home and I have left practice and I wonder how one disposes of human remains like these. What do I do with them?


Michael Cohn, DPM, Albuquerque, NM


Editor's note: Your alma mater would probably be happy to receive this as a donation.



Query: Source for a Scribe


Can someone tell me where I can find a scribe for my office? Either in-office or virtual..


Michael Galoyan, DPM, Middle Village, NY



Query: Payment for Residency Rotations?


I have a question for residency directors. Do department heads at your institution expect to be paid to allow podiatric residents to do their rotations in their departments?


Robert Scott Steinberg, DPM, Schaumburg, IL



Query: Source for X-Ray Duplication Film


I'm looking to purchase x-ray duplicating film as well as roller transport clean-up film. Any sources would be appreciated.


Paul A. Galluzzo, DPM, Rockford, IL 

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