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07/11/2019    Irene Terrell, DPM, John Mattiacci, DPM

OPEIU to Offer Healthcare Plan to Guild Members

I am interested in the new Podiatry Guild
insurance for podiatrists and their families. How
do I join the Guild? Is this available to
retirees also?

Ilene S. Terrell, DPM, Fredericksburg, VA

Response: This month the Office and Professional
Employees Internal Union (OPEIU) has provided a
Health and Welfare Plan that is open to each
OPEIU Member and their families. Local 45 of the
OPEIU (The Guild) has made this plan available
to its members. Membership in Local 45 (Guild)
comes through a DPM's membership in the state
Podiatric Medical Association which has
affiliated with the Guild.

The OPEIU Health and Welfare Plan offers three
(3) fully insured insurance plans through a Blue
Cross Blue Shield "Blue Card" that allows
members and their families, to access Blue Cross
Blue Shield PPO panels in each state.

We have determined that this plan offers our
members substantial savings to the plans that had
been available to them prior to the development
of this important Benefit.

John Mattiacci, DPM, Vice President OPEIU,
President Local 45, OPEIU

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