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RE: Dr. Scholl's Marketing Campaign

From: James Petko, DPM


Am I the only one with a bad taste in my mouth watching the Dr. Scholl's aggressive marketing campaign for OTC orthotics? The TV ads have been appearing 8-10 times a night in our area with no signs of letting up. Dr. Scholl's has the solution for foot pain, back pain, or whatever ails you. Even overlooking the ‘sellout’ factor, why couldn't the national have put together a simple but tasteful ad campaign to tout the benefits of professional foot care by a podiatrist? This should have been done years ago.


Perhaps it’s just my imagination but this relationship with Dr. Scholl’s does not appear to be helping the average podiatrist. Somehow this doesn't seem right to me. Any comments from my colleagues?


James Petko, DPM, Falls Church, VA,

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RE: Parts for Whitehall Whirlpools (George Jacobson, DPM)

From: Joel Feder, DPM, Avi Kornbluth

The Whitehall whirlpool switch is readily available at any ACE Hardware store and can easily be installed.


Joel Feder, DPM, Chicago, IL,


Call your podiatry dealer who sells Whitehall whirlpools, such as Henry Schein. These parts are available. We sell them all the time for units that are from 2 years old to 40 years old.


Avi Kornbluth,



From: Elliot Udell, DPM


Our problem is not the millions of dollars in television ads that Scholl's is spending promoting their line of over-the-counter orthotics. The real problem is what to tell our patients when they have gone into Walmart, bought a set, and still have foot problems. This past week, I had one such patient whose chief complaint was heel pain, and I had to show him the difference between what a custom-made orthotic looks like versus what he purchased at the Scholl's kiosk. I suspect that more of us will have similar experiences.


Over the years, many of us have repeated Dr. Petko's question, "Why doesn't our national organization do an advertising campaign for podiatrists on the magnitude of Dr. Scholl's?" It would be nice if they could, but the answer is simple. Without quadrupling our annual dues, the APMA could not afford to spend millions of dollars every week on that form of advertising.


Elliot Udell, DPM, Hicksville, NY,



RE: 2nd Annual Mastering Advances in Dermatology Meeting

From: Bryan Markinson, DPM


I would like to alert my colleagues about the 2nd Annual Mastering Advances in Dermatology Meeting, taking place April 20 & 21 in North Carolina. This is a combined dermatology and podiatry meeting with expert faculty presenting mostly in case format on various subjects. Please go to the link for information about the meeting. 


Bryan Markinson, DPM, NY, NY,



RE: PSR-24 Discrimination (Bryan Markinson, DPM, Narmo L. Ortiz, Jr., DPM)

From: Robert Scott Steinberg, DPM

Thank you for your concise and tell-it-like-it-is posts. You have both found the enormous hole in Vision 2015: The vision ignores the continued discrimination that the "groups in "power" continue to exercise. That the APMA allows this to continue is a violation of its own ethics guidelines.


I suggest to all those applying for privileges, if you come up against any form of discrimination from other podiatrists, file a written grievance with your state society as well as the APMA. I would next contact your state attorney general's office. Plain and simple, the continued discrimination is a clear attempt at restraint of trade. Just don't go quietly into the night. You are well trained and deserve to practice on a level playing field.

Robert Scott Steinberg, DPM, Schaumburg, IL,



RE: Central Vacuum Attachment for Handpiece (Jeffrey Horowitz, DPM)

From: Scott Evans, DPM

There is a physics principle which states that only so much air can go through a certain diameter tube. If you take a small vacuum tube which is attached to a drill and connect it to a wider diameter tube going to a central vac, your central vac will not work as well. You will end up sucking up less air (and nail dust) through the smaller tube on your drill than if you just attached the larger central vac tube straight to your other hand. I used to make a little sling to hold my central vac tube on top of my left hand (while debriding with my right). The last few years, I got lazy and just held the tube in my left hand. It worked fine.

Scott Evans, DPM, Tucson, AZ,



RE: Associate  Compensation (David Zuckerman, DPM)

From: Multiple Respondents

I have personal experience with a situation like this and feel Dr. Zuckerman is paying his associate VERY well. Regardless where the patients come from, a successful venture like this requires trust.  Obviously, the original doctor in the group is going to give patients to the new associate and also pay the associate at the same rate. My advice to the new associate, shut your mouth, play your cards right, and you will do better as a group than a solo practitioner.

Eugene A. Batelli, DPM, Clifton, NJ,

It sounds like Dr. Zuckerman is giving his associate a great deal . I practice in a solo practice that sometimes doesn't net me 40%. The associate may have a misconception about overhead expenses.  


Karen Malley Banks, DPM, Thomasville, GA,

Figure out your overhead. If it is in the 50 - 55% range, paying him anything over 40 - 45% may cost YOU money!


Neil B. Levin, DPM, Sycamore, IL,



RE: Appointment Reminder Software (Bill FitzPatrick, DPM)
From: Peter Smith, DPM

A company called DJJ Technology makes an IVR (interactive voice reminder) system that is pretty flexible. It is stand-alone software that will integrate with an appointment scheduling system, and allow you to set reminders for time and days of your choosing (e.g., one day before appt, between 11 and 12 noon). It can be tailored for single doctor vs. multi doctor practices, and priced accordingly. The contact I have is: Brendan Wallace, 631-787-5026. I have no financial interest in this company.

Peter Smith, DPM, Stony Brook, NY,



RE: Flexible Foot Model (Samuel Cox, DPM)
From: Avi Kornbluth

We sell a life-size plastic foot strung with elastic cord.

Flexible Foot Skeleton

Our number is 800-869-0900 ext 3088

Avi Kornbluth, Stone Podiatry,