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RE: The Passing of Martin M. Becker, DPM 


Dr. Martin Becker


PM News is saddened to report the loss of Martin Becker, DPM of St. Louis, MO on December 25th. Dr. Becker was a 1963 graduate of the Illinois Collge of Podiatric Medicine. He previously was affiliated with Madison Medical Center and Missouri Baptist Medical Center.


Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch [12/28/16]

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RE: The Passing of Steven Richman, DPM

Dr. Steven Richman, Illinois College of Podiatric Medicine Class of 1981 has passed away. Gentleman, scholar, entrepreneur, innovator, teacher, counselor, colleague, and true friend. These are just a few words that characterized him. 

Dr. Steven Richman

For all of us who knew him and were touched in so many ways by his kind heart and good will, Steve will be sorely missed. His spirit and memory will be everlasting. May G-d bless his soul.

Sid Sharp DPM, Cherry Hill, NJ



RE: The Passing of Harry Oknaian, DPM


It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Harry Oknaian, DPM (Class of 1958 at the then Illinois College of Podiatric Medicine).


Dr. Harry Oknaian


Harry was my wonderful friend from the first day we met at student orientation. His kind and gentle manner, and his love for his family, his friends, his patients, and his profession was apparent to all who knew him. He will be missed.


Lawrence M. Rubin, DPM, Las Vegas, NV 




Dr. Kehr was one of my professors at PCPM. He was a scholar, a true gentleman, and a friend to everyone.


Paul M Taylor, DPM, Silver Spring, MD


Dr. Kehr was my instructor at PCPM. Nice guy and a gentleman. He taught us the basics of radiology including the ins and outs of film exposure and processing. This came in very handy early in my practice prior to the general use of automatic  processing.  


Kennth L Hatch, DPM (ret), Annapolis, MD




I did not attend PCPM, so I did not know Leon as a professor. We practiced in the same community. I knew him as a friend and colleague. I cannot speak of his academic achievements, but I can tell you that he was one the finest gentleman I have ever known. Early in my practice, I had two serious life events occur. The doctor I was working for died suddenly at age 59. He was a friend of Leon's as were all of the podiatrists at that time. A year or two later, my only employee's son was killed in a car accident. In both cases, the first person who called me was Dr. Leon Kehr and his wife, Thelma.  


Leon helped me run the practice when Dr. Roelofs suddenly died. His wife, Thelma, actually came to my office and worked as my assistant when my employee mourned her son's death. I remember asking Leon why he was being so kind and generous to someone he barely knew at the time. He said that podiatry is a small profession and we must learn to take care of each other.  A good lesson for all of us today.  Rest in peace, Leon.


Greg Caringi, DPM, Lansdale, PA



RE: The Passing of Leon E. Kehr, DPM

Dr. Leon E. Kehr, 89, died Wednesday, February 1, at Grandview Hospital, Sellersville. Dr. Kehr attended Muhlenberg College and Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine (TUSPM). He was a Diplomate of the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, and a Fellow of the American College of Foot Roentgenologists, having served as past national president.  


Dr. Leon Kehr


Dr. Kehr was a radiology professor for the Department of Podiatric Medicine, 1965-1982. In addition, he was a Clinical Instructor Emeritus, Temple University. He was a Founding Member of the Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine, was on the TUSPM Foundation Board of Directors, and published ten scientific papers. 


Source: The Reporter [2/4/17]



From: Ed Nau, DPM, John Chisholm, DPM


Ron and I were classmates at Scholl (1986). To a lot of us, he was "The Commander."


May he rest in peace.


Ed Nau, DPM, NY, NY


I was saddened to learn of the passing of Ron this week. Ron Vanderheyden was a good podiatrist and a better man. I first met Ron when we were both externs at VA Albuquerque, and we reconnected when we both completed our residencies and came to practice in San Diego. Ron served the profession by holding every elected position in the San Diego Podiatric Medical Society and by serving on the Board of Directors of the California Podiatric Medical Association. It was Ron's example of selfless service to others that inspired me to follow in his footsteps in state and national podiatric leadership.


All of us here in San Diego consider ourselves a family, and we have lost one of our own, way too soon.


John Chisholm, DPM, Chula Vista, CA



RE: The Passing of Ronald Vanderheyden, DPM


I am very sad to report that my best friend, Ronald Vanderheyden, DPM, died of natural causes on January 25, 2017, while visiting his family in Michigan. Ron had moved to the San Diego, CA area about 1990 to practice in North County. He was an active member of the San Diego County Podiatric Medical Society, and served every possible leadership position. Ron was a gentle, mellow man with a very strong religious commitment, and never uttered a bad word or demonstrated a negative thought. He was an avid golfer and we enjoyed a game together almost every week or two for years. He was kind, thoughtful, and was admired by all who were lucky enough to know him. He will be sorely missed.


Martin R. Taubman, DPM, MBA, San Diego, CA



RE: The Passing of Jason Lashley, DPM

Dr. Jason Andrew Lashley who was born Feb. 21, 1978 in Muskogee, OK passed away peacefully in his sleep Saturday, Jan. 28, 2017.  


Dr. Jason Lashley


He graduated from the Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine in Chicago, IL. Jason joined his older brother, Nathan, in his career pursuits.

Source: The Oklahomian 



RE: The Passing of George Geppner, DPM

The profession has lost a giant in our educational field. In addition to his tenure and leadership at the Scholl College, Dr. Geppner served as the Chair and member of the Council on Podiatric Medical Education and helped to change the educational system. He was a gentleman, a great human being filled with dignity, honesty, and compassion. George was a teacher, practitioner, educator, and one of the finest individuals to grace our profession. He will be missed. Rest in peace my friend.


Arthur E. Helfand, DPM, Narberth, PA



RE: The Passing of Paul Creeden, DPM

Dr. Paul J. Creeden passed peacefully into eternal rest on January 22, 2017. He was a graduate of the Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in Illinois. Dr. Creeden served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. He practiced podiatry in Harrisburg, Carlisle, and New Bloomfield for over 50 years. 

Dr. Paul Creeden


Dr. Creeden was admired and respected by patients and peers alike for his professionalism, skills, dedication, and compassion. He was awarded the Pioneer of Podiatry award by the Pennsylvania Podiatry Medical Association in 2011. 


Source: [1/24/17]




The American DPMs of Israel salute Dr. Mort Wittenberg as one of our early pioneers. Years ago, he used to annually stay at a Kibbutz here and provide free care to the kibbutzniks. It was an early contribution to our establishment in Israel. Toda Raba, Mort. You will always be remembered.


Richard Jaffe, DPM, Jerusalem, Israel




I wanted to add my thoughts about Mort Wittenberg who was one of the most respected podiatrists that I have known. He brought dignity and honor to our profession. He was a most generous man with both his time and his money. To his family - may the emptiness in your hearts soon be replaced with fond memories.  May his memory be a blessing.  Shalom Mort.


Paul R. Scherer, DPM, San Francisco, CA




I too mourn the loss of Marty Becker. He was always friendly. He was always a good friend.


Pete Harvey, DPM, Wichita Falls, TX




We were saddened by the recent loss of our friend Dr. Martin "Marty" Becker. Dr. Becker practiced in the St. Louis area for 53 years, and was involved in APMA, CAC, and the Midwest Podiatry Seminar for many years. Throughout our 20+ years of friendship, he was compassionate, caring, and, a good husband and father. He truly loved his profession. Our deepest condolences to his wife Barbara and children Jodi and Michael. May he rest in eternal peace. 


Mark K. Johnson, DPM, West Plains, MO



RE: The Passing of Morton Wittenberg, DPM


Mort was a wonderful colleague and taught me a lot about practice management. Right after I finished my military commitment, before establishing private practice, Mort asked me to take his practice in Augusta for two months while he went to Israel to represent his United Hebrew Congregation in Augusta. He was President that year. I did that task for him, and the first thing that happened when he returned was that he chewed out my butt because I had not have one of the staff file the insurance for a hammertoe correction that I had done while he was gone. Everything else was covered, but he didn't care (I missed a trick).  


Mort and I stayed friends for years and were mutually acquainted with another dear friend, Jerry Levine, from Detroit, who was another one of my mentors during my residency.  Mort and Joe Addante, DPM, who wrote a comment about Mort recently, were both mentors to me when I was on the APMA Board of Trustees with them. It is so hard to see mentors expire and leave a hole in the legacy of podiatric medicine. 


Richard H. Lanham, DPM




Mort was my colleague, teacher, mentor, and friend. In 1970, straight out of residency, I became his associate. A week later he was off to Israel. I survived during his absence not knowing anything about office routine. He taught me a lot about life and the practice of medicine. I will miss him at the GPMA meetings  Rest in peace dear friend.


Michael J Solomon, DPM, Atlanta, GA



RE: The Passing of Morton Wittenberg, DPM


I have been reading the posts about the passing of Dr. Wittenberg written by many of the giants in our profession. This is a reflection of how much he changed our profession through setting the foundation for the science and art of practice management. As one who believes that it’s more important to know where one has come from than focus on where one is going, a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Wittenberg.  


With deep pride, gratitude, and honor, I have so enjoyed his helping colleagues because of his dedication in the arena of practice management. Our podiatric founding fathers helped others to help themselves and their patients. With this in mind, let's honor his memory by helping the youth in our profession to make it stronger and more united.


Hal Ornstein, DPM, Howell, NJ




Mort Wittenberg will be missed as already has been stated by several other podiatrists who knew him well. Mort was a real gentleman and did much for our profession. I also served on committees with him in our heydays of podiatric medicine. He definitely was one of the heroes of our profession. I also want to extend my sympathy to his family.  


Steven J Berlin, DPM, Baltimore, MD



RE: The Passing of Morton Wittenberg, DPM

It's difficult to find the words to appropriately express feelings when we lose a friend who was also a dedicated colleague. Morty and I cried together and often laughed together. I was fortunate to accompany him to Israel and also have him accompany me to Italy. We had an unusual bond since we both lost a son named "Bart." Each in our own way shared prayers and memories, and frequently we had the comfort of being able to grieve with an understanding true friend.


Little has to be said regarding his contributions because he lived and loved podiatry. Several of us were introduced to the "computer world" by Morty who was often at the cutting edge of advancing podiatric progress. I will miss him as a colleague, a teacher, and above all, as a loyal friend.


Joseph Addante, DPM, Fitchburg, MA



RE: The Passing of Richard B. Hawkins, MD

Richard B. Hawkins, MD, 75, of Fitchburg, passed away Thursday, December 29th. Dr. Hawkins was a real friend of podiatry. He shared his knowledge and skills regarding arthroscopic surgery and was most helpful  to those of us who were willing to learn.

I first met him at the Deaconess Hospital where he was a senior resident. He worked with us, especially when we required a physician monitor to do our surgery. He was helpful and especially encouraging to our residents, usually praising our academic training. Following the completion of his training, he opened his practice in my city of Fitchburg. As a friendly and helpful orthopedist colleague, he was “a gift from heaven". I'm sure the podiatrists who attended his lectures will remember him as a most friendly and helpful colleague. 

Joseph Addante, DPM, Fitchburg, MA



From: Arnold Pock, DPM, MS


Mort and I served on many Board projects many years ago in the Academy of Podiatry Administration. He donated many hours domestically and in other countries rendering podiatry care and education. He was a true "Mensch" to everyone, no matter what their ethnic beliefs were. As a retired Navy podiatrist (Active and Reserve service), I salute Mort for both his Navy service and his professional skill and allegiance to our podiatric profession and our country in particular.


Arnold Pock, DPM, MS, Pensacola, FL



From: Arthur E. Helfand, DPM


The profession has lost a true gentleman and an individual who contributed so much to improve the profession and the patients he served. Mort served as a Member of the APMA Board of Trustees and House of Delegates for many years. Rest in peace.


Arthur E. Helfand, DPM, Narberth, PA



RE: The Passing of Morton Wittenberg, DPM


Dr. Morton Wittenberg passed away Saturday, December 3, 2016. Prior to completing his degree from the Illinois College of Podiatry in Chicago, Mort enlisted in the U.S. Navy, serving on the USS Omaha. Dr. Wittenberg opened his podiatry practice Medical Center Podiatry Group (now known as Foot and Ankle Group).


Dr. Morton Wittenberg


After his retirement from there, he worked at the Augusta State Prison until he was 88 years old. He was a significant contributor to the field of podiatric surgery, served as President of the American Academy of Podiatry Administration, and was a member of the Georgia Podiatric Medical Association. 


Source: Augusta Chronicle [12/6/16]



RE: The Passing of Gerald Joseph Gambale, DPM 


Gerald Joseph Gambale, DPM, 65, of Port Richey, FL, died Dec. 16, 2016. He was a USMC veteran and practiced podiatry in Bay Ridge, Brookyn, NY. He is survived by his wife, Ann; eight nieces; a nephew and a great-nephew.


Source: Tampa Bay Times [12/19/16]



From:  Harry Goldsmith, DPM


Jeff Stone passed away several weeks ago. For those of us who knew Jeff, it came as quite a shock. We always assumed he would show up at the next seminar, sitting in the exhibit hall, shoe and sock off, trying to find a neuroma in his foot using an ultrasound probe. What happened in his life to reduce him to shoeless Jeff Stone? I often wondered about that. I also wondered where the neuroma was. Why didn’t Jeff take care of it? And how much would I have to pay him to inject it in the exhibit hall? A dollar? Maybe. 


Jeff had what could only be called “an active sense of humor.” You never left his presence without a joke to two, maybe a ribbing, always a smile. I have three Jeff Stone stories. 


Story 1: The first time I met Jeff was during a...


Editor's note: Dr. Goldsmith's extended-length letter can be read here.