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03/10/2016    Allen Jacobs, DPM

Which Wound Care Organization Is for You? (Eric J. Lullove, DPM)

I note the recent posts in PM News from Dr. Lai
and the response from Dr. Lullove and I can
certainly understand why he is a board member of
one of the organizations would want to make a
response. In that regard, I’m not on the board of
any of these organizations and have no vested
interest. I join those which I believe best
benefit me and podiatry. To that end, in wound
care I am a member of the Academy of Physicians
in Wound Healing and no other organization in the

The reasons for this is as pointed out in the
original article by Dr. Lai. APWH is the only
physician specific membership organization in
wound care providing physician directed education
and advocacy. The other groups mentioned by Dr.
Lullove as he clearly indicates represent
multiple fields practicing wound care. But nurses
and others make up the vast majority of their

APWH is the only organization that can dedicate
all his resources to physician related issues and
educational programs. Additionally, my
observation is that APWH often sets the road
which other organizations tend to follow when it
comes to education or advocacy.

Last but not least, another reason APWH is a
worthwhile is because its founder Dr. Steven
Kravitz has been a leader on the forefront for
advocacy and promotion of podiatry in wound care
over the past 30 years. His passion and
experience is something APWH is able to have
other while organizations do not. In my opinion
he is little recognized for how much he’s been
able to accomplish for all of us practicing wound

Allen Jacobs, DPM, St. Louis, MO

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