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06/07/2013    Michael M. Rosenblatt, DPM

Podiatric Residency Crisis - Where Are We? (Ivar Roth, DPM, MPH)

Dr. Ivar Roth presented an opportunity for
training for some DPM graduates who were not
matched for residencies. Dr. Roth agreed to
provide "excellent training" and also payment for
recent graduates. This is a generous and deeply
kind offer. Dr. Roth was "disappointed" and more
than a little angry when those people he accepted
placed a higher value on residency.

This puts the issue of a clerkship/associateship
training vs. active, real residency on the table.
One of the issues involved is whether or not
states and certifying boards will actually
consider a clerkship on the same playing field as
a CPME accredited residency. They will not
compare, or even if they do, such recognition
will not be forthcoming from CPME.

Then there remains the issue of licensure. Some
states will not accept clerkship/associate
training for licensure, which will make it
impossible for some of these DPM graduates to get
a license there, even if they get excellent
surgical training by a talented, generous
professional teacher like Dr. Roth.

While I understand Dr. Roth's irritation,
especially in light of serious offers resulting
in definitely flaky responses, it is also true
that the only real solution is to provide
residencies. We cannot anticipate that CPME will
bend in the slightest in their administrative
demands. CPME seems to be in a "special place"
where "Government and large medical institutions"
easily grant DPM's fine programs. But we all know
that this is fiction.

Given CPME's recalcitrance and genuine lack of
understanding for the soon to be wasted lives of
fine young people who hitched their wagons to the
wrong star, it is easy to understand why recent
non-matched graduates exhibit a flaky response,
even to a fine, decent DPM who desperately wants
to fix things. In light of the pathetic showing
of CPME, it is logical to suggest a wholesale
replacement of their entire administrative
personnel forthwith, starting at the top. It's
time to get people in there who can repair the
damage they have already done.

Michael M. Rosenblatt, DPM, San Jose, CA,

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