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04/16/2013    Brian Kiel, DPM

APMA Pinterest Page (Crystal Holmes, DPM)

I recently wrote a letter on this forum
excoriating the APMA for its incompetence and
irresponsibility in the development of the
Pinterest site Beat-Bunion-Blues. A response to
my post was published on this site several days
ago and it is even more ridiculous and
irresponsible than the site itself.

Crystal Holmes DPM, the chairperson of the APMA
communications committee stated, "images (not the
source of the images) are the content users are
interested in)." So according to this web wizard,
people looking for advice about bunion treatment
are only looking for pictures, not content.

Where do these people get ideas like this? When
one clicks on any of the pictures, information
pops up, and most of it is absurd. She further
states that we have generated interest from
reporters who have visited the site. Great! They
can learn how we use olive oil to dissolve
calcium deposits and how shoes not only cause
bunions but can be used to cure them as well.

If APMA wants to put pictures out there, at least
make sure that they don't lead to information
that is not only untrue, but is harmful to our
profession or has the endorsement of the American
Chiropractic Association, as one of the pictures
does. Dr. Holmes also states that we as
podiatrist should be encouraged by the APMA
forward looking use of social media. I think
before that, those in charge of the social media
at APMA should learn how to use it properly.

We are not technological incompetents and we, at
least lots of us, recognize that this is response
totally inadequate and nothing more that an
example of the APMA making excuses for poor
performance. I could go on, but I wont. If any of
you are interested in seeing for yourself, go to
the APMA website and check it out and then read
Dr. Holmes response in context. You will be as
disgusted as I was.

Brian Kiel, DPM, Memphis, TN,

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