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Query: gSource Instruments

I am interested in purchasing some instruments mainly for palliative care from a company called gSource. I know this company exhibits at some of the podiatry seminars. Has anyone used their instruments? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Jack Ressler, DPM, Tamarac, FL

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Query: Short Clinical Patient Education Videos


Does anyone know of a company that has short videos on different procedures, such as how a laser works to treat fungal infections, or conservative care versus surgical corrections for different deformities, or why custom orthotics are more effective than OTC insoles? I want to be able to run these in treatment rooms to explain options and to better optimize my time.


Gregory Teles, DPM, Torrance, CA



Query: Preparing for the Part 1 ABPS Foot Surgery Exam

Do any PM News readers have any advice on a good way to prepare for the Part 1 ABPS Foot Surgery Examination? I have been in private practice for about 15 years?  I did pass the written the first time I took it in 1997.

Eric J. Cwynar, DPM, Columbus, OH



Query: Adding a Pedorthist to a Podiatry Office

We are thinking of adding a pedorthist in our office. What experiences have others had who have done this?

Hal Ornstein, DPM, Howell, NJ



Query: Online Stores for Podiatric Supplies

Can anyone recommend a good online store for purchasing podiatric supplies?

Sara Suttle, DPM, Southlake, TX



Query: Podiatry-Specific Coding

I am currently using the podiatry manual written by Dan Bluth, DPM from Concord, CA. I understand it will not be published again as he is retiring. Does anyone know of a similar publication that has this type of coding specific to podiatry?


Paul Galluzzo, DPM, Rockford, IL



Query: Part-Time Employee Benefits   

I would like to know what others are doing regarding compensation above and beyond regular pay for P.T. employees who work 15-25 hrs/wk. I am a solo practitioner so feel that I would gain most benefit from answers of like practitioners, since group practices with more income usually have the ability to provide more benefits.

Cynthia Ferrelli, DPM, Buffalo, NY



Query: Online Software for Appointments

Does anyone have any recommendations for software that provides online patient scheduling  that can be used by my receptionist to record appointments at 10-minute intervals?

Andy Karpf, DPM, New Square, NY



Query: CME Courses In Hygiene and Sterility

Since I am now required by my Board of Registration to attend 30 hours of CME on "hygiene and sterility" because I did not sterilize my Dremel bit between patients (I do now), I am requesting your suggestions as to where such CME units can be found. The board is also requiring me to submit a list of proposed courses so that they may approve of the topics. I am having great difficulty finding courses that meet such limited criteria. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Jeff Kittay, DPM, Boston, MA



Query: ZocDoc

Is ZocDoc worth $3000 per year? I'm wondering if those who have tried ZocDoc, the online appointment booking website add-on, feel it is worth the upfront, $3000 per year fee.

Gary Hoberman DPM, Chicago, IL



Query: Practice Brokers

I am interested in selling my podiatry practice. Can somene recommend  a good broker or selling agent whom I could work with?

Name Withheld



Query: Compounded Antifungal

I treated a patient today who told me he had been prescribed 2% fluconazole in DMSO for toenail fungus. He thought it worked quite well, and would be returning to the dermatologist for another prescription. I wondered if anyone had experience with this compounded Rx? What would the compounding instructions say?

Bruce Lebowitz, DPM, Baltimore, MD



Query: Q-Clear Laser


I would like to know if anyone is currently using the Q-Clear Laser and what their experience is with the laser. Does it work? Are the treatments painful for patients? Are there any hidden costs associated with it?


Bryan Satterwhite, DPM, Southport, NC



Query: E-Mail Marketing

Is anyone doing mass e-mail marketing in their practice? We began to use Constant Contact. Constant Contact, however, has a requirement that recipients must state that they want to receive the mailing. This is not the law. The law states that e-mail mailings are legal and all you need is an "opt-out" button in the e-mail. I am looking for a company that will help me send these "newsletters" without the need for receiving permission from recipients, as long as there is an opt-out option.

Michael Forman, DPM, Cleveland, OH



Diagnostic Ultrasound Workshop?

Is anyone aware of an upcoming CME conference offering a diagnostic ultrasound workshop?


Jim Petko, DPM, Falls Church, VA



Query: Socks with Malleolar Padding?

Down here in Mississippi, we have a lot of turkey hunters. This is turkey season. This necessitates lots of walking on uneven ground in rubber boots. I see lots of lateral malleolar blisters from these boots and wonder if anyone knows of a sock that has built-in malleolar padding?


Tip Sullivan, DPM, Jackson, MS,



Query: Wholesale Source for Lamisil Gel

I am interested in dispensing topical Lamisil gel in my office. Does anyone know of a wholesale source?  

Mark Tracy, DPM, Port Charlotte, FL



Query: Depreciated Value of Equipment

I will be purchasing an older practice this year and am in negotiations with the owner. The patient load is great and the good will is also great. I have been working there a year and have noticed the equipment is older, but functional for now. We have started the talks for price, and the owner brings up the depreciation value of the equipment. I was wondering if anyone has insights about a depreciation schedule. We do not want to bring an outsider in to evaluate the practice. Any suggestions?

Name Withheld



Query: Exparel Extended-Release Anesthetic

I have recently been looking into ways to decrease post-op pain for my patients in my out-patient surgery center. Pain pumps work well if used properly, but they are expensive and are not separately covered in the facility fee. They also can cause problems with leaking and be a portal of entry for infection. I have been reading about an extended-release form of bupivicaine (Exparel) and wonder if someone might share their experience with it. Where is this purchased, and what is the cost per 10cc unit?


Tip Sullivan, DPM, Jackson, MS



Query: Fast, Reliable Scanner

Can anyone recommend a fast, reliable scanner for converting medical records to digital? Are the hand-held scanners as good as the stationary scanners?


Mark Ray, DPM, Latrobe, PA



Query: Selling Old X-Rays for Silver

Does anyone know of a reputable company that will purchase old x-rays for their silver value? I have received a number of faxes touting companies, but none of them seem legitimate.

Michael J Felicetta, DPM, Toms River, NJ

Editor's Note: PM News does not provide legal advice. If you do sell x-rays, you must first remove patients' names to be in compliance with HIPAA and state privacy laws.



Query: Holiday Letter to Referring Physicians

Can someone provide a copy of a holiday greetings letter which thanks  referring docs and lists a mission statement.

Frank DiPalma, DPM, Athens GA



Query: Brewer's Yeast for Hyperhydrosis

Do any of my holistic colleagues have any information or experience using Brewer's Yeast for hyperhydrosis? I have had a couple of patients recently ask me about it, and I am unfamiliar with the connection and can find nothing online about using the yeast to slow sweating.


David Alper, DPM, Belmont, MA



Query: Image Problem with A2D2 Digital X-Rays

Our office is currently having ongoing problems with the quality of the images with an  A2D2 unit, which have never being crisp and certainly not showing the level of detail that would be expected of digital images. The company has been responsive in attempting to remedy the problem, but despite all attempts, the images are still of fair to poor quality, especially when looking for sharp images of cortical margins, etc. 


Has anyone else with an A2D2 unit experienced a similar problem, and if so, have you discovered a solution to the problem?  

David S. Wander, DPM, Philadelphia, PA



Query: On-line Courses for ABPS Re-certificaton

I am looking for an on-line course for preparing for ABPS Foot Surgery re-certification. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Gary Garbus, DPM Spring Valley, NY



Query: Substitute for Colchicine

One of my patients reported that her primary physician is ordering colchicine from Canada and dispensing from his office. I would appreciate info on any reputable Canadian site to purchase same.

Bill March, DPM, Cherry Hill, NJ

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