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Query: Efficacy of "Pain" Creams

It seems to me that in my geographical area, there has been a big push to market specifically compounded topical creams for arthritis and/or neuropathy. The first pain cream that I can remember years ago was topical capsasin which was marketed as Zostrix HP. I have never been a big supporter of topical pain cream (especially for neuropathy). In my experience, the effectiveness of topical creams is arbitrary, effective for some and not for others. I have not been able to distinguish which cohort of patients will get significant benefit of symptomatic relief and who will not.

In most cases, specifically neuropathy, I find it difficult to  justify skin biopsy and other tests that burden the system and the patient with unnecessary expense and risk without commensurate benefit. I suspect that topical compounded medications  will, like many things that I have seen over the years, be a relatively short-lived fad. I think it is driven mostly by the mighty dollar vs. real efficacy. I was wondering if this trend is occurring in other geographical locations and would appreciate comments on the efficacy of these fairly expensive creams.


Tip Sullivan, DPM, Jackson, MS

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Query: Fax and Fios


Ever since I changed my old phone system to Verizon Fios, I have been having difficulty sending faxes. I discovered from both HP and Verizon that fax machines are made to work on regular analog lines. Fios is something different. The various fixes that both suggest don't work. I can receive faxes okay since I got a new fax machine, but both the old machine (HP) and new machine ( also HP) have frequent communication errors when sending faxes. MS Scan and Fax says it requires a fax modem connected to an analog line, which will probably have the same problem. Does anyone else have this problem? Short of asking Verizon to install an additional line on "copper wire", as they say, does anyone have suggestions for this?


Ron Werter, DPM, New York, NY


Editor's comment: is a low-cost service ($10 per month) that replaces fax machines and telephone lines. Faxes are sent and received on your computer like e-mails. Your existing fax line can be ported, so you can even maintain your exisitng fax number. 



Query: Checking Medicare Pending Claims


Our office would like to know what other doctors and billing managers are now using to find out what is pending to be paid concerning Medicare claims. There used to be an 800 number that one could call to find out this information, but Medicare has discontinued that service. Any ideas or alternatives as to how to find this information would be appreciated.


Margaret Portela, DPM, Union City, NJ



Query: Bullying in Podiatry School?

I read an interesting article in the NY Times: The Bullying Culture of Medical School. I wonder how that relates to our current students in podiatry school. Back when I was in school (30 years ago), I remember a few teachers/clinicians who took pleasure in unnecessarily torturing the students - trying as hard as possible to increase our stress levels for no apparent reason. However, most professors and clinicians were  nice and helped us to succeed. How are things today in the school? Do any current students care to comment? Keep it anonymous - no names of teachers.

Name Withheld (NY)



Query: Patient Appointment Reminder Service

Can anyone recommend a patient appointment reminder service?


Claudine DuPont, DPM, Fredericskburg, VA



RE: Surgical Nail Clipper (Eric Edelman, DPM)
From: Carl Ganio, DPM

You are not alone Eric. Being a podiatrist just means we can expect such humbling moments. With all due respect to your Liston bone cutting forceps, I cannot count the number of times I have done a procedure, or an ultrasound, or nerve conduction study...and had the patient ask, " Aren't you going to cut my nails? " as if they were getting the short end of the stick... like I wasn't doing my job. Early in my career, fresh out of my residency,I had a demented patient in a nursing home taunt me... " you're nothing but a *#&^% ing toenail cutter. " Respect your elders.

Carl Ganio, DPM, Vero Beach, FL, drcarlganio@bellsouth.