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02/14/2018    Keith L. Gurnick, DPM

The Passing of Harrt Goldsmith, DPM

Those who do not know this true story should.
Some 20+ years ago, I worked as an expert witness
alongside Harry Goldsmith under the umbrella held
by attorney Keith Greer in a substantial recovery
lawsuit against many podiatrists in the state of
California who had billed and were paid by Medi-
Cal for custom foot orthotics billed with the
bill code L3000 (UCBL).

Harry and I both worked for free, and put many
hours of research, phone calls, and then
testimony in this "test" case. We were able to
convince the judge that a custom prescription
foot orthotic made from a foam impression cast
technique could satisfied the requirements of the
L3000 code, thus overturning and ending a refund
request for many millions of dollars that was
previously paid to Medi-Cal podiatry providers
who were paid for services that had been prior
approved and provided, but later asked for
refunds by the state of California on a
technicality, having to do only with casting
technique. All podiatrist, those who would have
been directly involved and those who were not,
should be thankful to Harry for his expertise in
helping to win this case.

Over the years, I had the opportunity either by
e-mail or by phone to speak with and work behind
the scenes and advise Harry, usually regarding
questions in the podiatry world of orthotics to
help clarify issues and give him my input. He
respected me as a practicing podiatrist and even
though he often was working for insurance
companies, I respected him for both his sincerity
and honesty. I am very saddened by his passing
and I will miss our interactions, and I am not
sure if anyone out there can fill his shoes.

Keith L. Gurnick, DPM

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