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10/26/2017    Alan Sherman, DPM

Why Do Some State Boards of Podiatry Still Limit Online CME?

It’s about time that someone spoke out publically
about the restrictive policy in a few last
remaining states regarding online CME for
podiatrists. 60% of State Boards of Podiatry, 30
out of 50, now allow ALL CME Credit to be earned
online. This evening, one of my oldest and
dearest friends from CCPM reminded me that our
home state of Florida still only allows 8 of
their 40 required credits every two years to be
earned online. That’s 20%. Come on, Florida.

Why is it important to this guy? Because this
year, he’s had pneumonia and a GI bleed, and with
all the time he’s missed from his practice, he
can’t afford to attend another conference. he
requirements of every state are listed on our
website at Other
states with very restrictive policies are
Georgia, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and

So I’m calling these states out, right here,
publically, to examine their policies regarding
online CME. As an approved CME provider under the
auspices of CPME, and a provider of both online
and live CME programming, I can tell you all
definitively that the standards for online CME
are even higher than live CME.

There is only one reason why these states would
opt to limit it at all, and I think we all know
what that is. Yes, I do have perhaps the most
vested interest of any podiatrist in the country
in regard to this issue. But I welcome any PM
News readers to challenge me in regard to what is
right here for the profession and what is best
for we podiatrists. Let’s discuss this and work
toward getting this changed.

Alan Sherman, DPM, PRESENT e-Learning Systems

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