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10/25/2017    Bradley W. Bakotic, DPM, DO

An Open Message to My Colleagues

After much internal debate, I’ve chosen to step
down as CEO of Bako Integrated Physician
Solutions (Bako) and resign from its Board of
Directors, as the result of principled
differences with the company. I will no longer be
involved in their educational initiatives or
laboratory services. Bako represents the
embodiment of my life’s work to this point, and
coming to the decision to begin a new chapter in
my professional life has been extremely

That being said, I have not completely excluded
the possibility of a future return to Bako should
our differences be hashed out. On the heels of
the prior somber news, let me relate a silver
lining that is giving me a more altruistic sense
of satiety than I could ever convey. I, and Bako
co-founder, Jody Hackel, MD, have established a
foundation that we have designated as the Rhett
(yes, my dog) Foundation for the Advancement of
Podiatric Medical Education.

The podiatric community has supported us, and
held within it our closest friends for over a
decade, and for that reason we will forever be
indebted to this fantastic group of
professionals. It is for that reason, that we
have self-funded the Rhett Foundation with 2
million dollars, and will contribute the proceeds
from various investments to maintain the
foundation’s viability for future physicians and
their patients.

What will the Rhett Foundation be doing? We will
be authoring a comprehensive textbook on the
topic of podiatric dermatology. We will share
with podiatric clinicians our interesting cases
and professional experiences through
publications, and CME lectures throughout the
nation (with benefit of educational grants). We
will sponsor various educational events and
institutions, as we always have. We will work
with regional and National organizations to
develop better focus on podiatric dermatology,
and easier accessibility to information that can
guide professionals in the management of their

We will develop a dermatology learning center,
which because the Rhett Foundation is a purely
academic institution with no business interests,
will welcome both residents, and practicing
clinicians, to gain dermatology insights that
will ultimately help in the care of their
patients, and potentially save lives. We truly
wish that all podiatric clinicians and their
patients will benefit from our various
initiatives in some way. Doctors, this will be
our second chapter, and we couldn’t be more
excited about it! All the best!

Bradley W. Bakotic, DPM, DO, Alpharetta, GA

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