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02/10/2018    Paul Kesselman, DPM

The Passing of Harry Goldsmith, DPM

Words cannot begin to express my heartfelt deep
sense of loss over the passing of my colleague,
mentor, adviser and most important a dear close
personal friend. Despite his involvement in many
projects he was never too busy or too far away,
to provide friendship, understanding and
guidance to me and many in our profession.

While the loss to our profession cannot begin to
be measured, the loss to his wife, sons,
grandchildren, and extended family is

Harry did everything first class. He made it a
point of earning elite status with his extensive
travel, but more importantly he earned that
same status and the deepest of respect and
admiration from a whole generation of
podiatrists. He willingly shared his extensive
knowledge and expertise by educating us on an
ever growing list of issues. I will be forever
be in debt to this great man who taught me so
much and was the antithesis of the expression
that podiatrists eat their young.

His passion for the profession his willingness
to share, show compassion and the friendship
that he gave to so many of us is truly
remarkable. But there was yet more. Having
worked with him for over twenty five years I
remain amazed at how much energy and time he was
able to give to both the things he loved and
cherished so much, his family and profession.

As recently as a few weeks ago Harry took the
time to review some material I was struggling to
comprehend. And then, as was typical of Harry on
all our calls, he would always take the time to
discussing non podiatry related issues. Travel,
family and food were always familiar topics of
conversation. Despite the gravity of his own
situation and how he was feeling, he still
took the time to ask me how I and my family were

I am truly comforted by the fact that his
illness was less than a year and his suffering
was relatively non-protracted.

Harry may have earned elite status on several
airlines, but more importantly he will forever
have earned elite status in the hearts and minds
of too many to count.

For sure he has earned a perpetual first class
seat high up above, where I am sure he will be
watching and providing guidance to all of us.

Farewell my friend. Rest in peace!

Paul Kesselman, DPM

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02/10/2018    Joseph Borreggine, DPM

The Passing of Harry Goldsmith, DPM

Harry Goldsmith was and will continue be the
face of podiatry when it comes to the integrity
of this profession. It's a sad day with his loss
not only to this profession, but to his family
as well.

He was the “real thing” that any person strives
to be. With his great wisdom and wit, he was
able to astutely provide podiatry the ability to
understand coding in way that no other
profession could. He was able to provide sound
expert advice in all things coding.

His immense career in this profession cannot be
put into words other to say that he was a true
pioneer for podiatry. Through the APMA’s Coding
Resource Center and especially through
Codingline, he was able to provide an active
reference tool so that we could code correctly
without concern.

He was my mentor. He recognized that I was able
to understand, digest, and provide expert coding
advice in manner that was aligned with his
abilities. He invited me to become a Codingline
expert a number of years ago and I have been an
active expert ever since.

When I answer questions from my colleagues
regarding coding, I always think “WWHD” which
means “What Would Harry Do”? Yes, what would he
do? And with that said, I proceed to try to
provide the best and most ethical coding advice
possible. I hope that I can continue to do so
and provide a legacy that will go on in spite of
his loss.

He was a great man, podiatrist, and family man.
I will miss him. And sadly, so will this
profession. In the great words of the former
Chicago Bear, Gale Sayers regarding the loss his
friend Brian Piccolo the same can be said of
Harry, “It’s not how he died, but rather how he
lived”. And yes, he did live.

Harry may you Rest in Peace, my friend.

Joseph Borreggine, DPM